HAGO the 23 year old Swedish singer/ songwriter has been writing songs and performing all her life. 2016 HAGO released her first own single ‘’Vi Lever Nu’’ and short after she released her first music video.


With strong lyrics about everything from love to passion, confusion and self love HAGO is demonstrating her musical extent with inspiration from 80’s pop, modern pop and influences from strong independent women. HAGO wants to inspire more young girls to follow their dreams.


Since 2016 it’s been nothing but success for HAGO. Her song ‘’GRL PWR’’ got over 30 000 streams on Spotify in only a few weeks. And her song ‘’I Dare You’’ went to the top list of the Swedish radio show ‘’P3 Osignat’’. Now she has over 80.000 streams on Spotify, and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.


This is just the beginning for HAGO.


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